Mobility Concepts Installs Garaventa VPL at The Museum of Flight’s Aviation Pavilion

SEATTLE, June 2016 – The Museum of Flight’s Aviation Pavilion is a covered, outside gallery with 15 rare and unique commercial and military airplanes.  The Pavilion also offers the first-ever exhibit about the business of air freight. The FedEx Air Cargo exhibit, housed within a 34 ft. fuselage section of a former FedEx Boeing 727 freighter, is an interactive, behind-the-scenes exploration into the world of air deliveries.

Mobility Concepts Achieves Code Compliant Maintenance Control Plan (MCP)

June 6, 2013 – In February 2011, the WA State Elevator program began working with the industry to raise awareness of the Maintenance Control Plan (MCP) requirement and to provide support in helping companies develop code compliant MCPs.

The MCP, which is required under the current ASME A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, is designed to promote public safety by ensuring that conveyances are safe and the appropriate maintenance tasks, examinations and periodic safety tests are performed.

With one of the first approved MCP’s in Washington State, our customers can rest assured that we are providing them with the highest standards in safety and performance.

For more information visit the WA State Elevator program’s web site at: